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Betway announce they are live streaming all the ESL Pro League games through their website + get £30 in matched free bets to spend!


CSGO Live Stream

Although Counter-Strike has been established for well over a decade, as time has gone on the game has enjoyed an ever-increasing number of players, viewers and competitive play. The latest extension of the game, CSGO, can now claim to be one of the most-watched eSports first-person shooters in the world.

eSports streaming has become a huge market on the Internet and there are a variety of ways players can get their fix through live streaming services. One of the most used websites is Twitch; it is so popular that at one time both Google and Amazon were looking to invest heavily for the service. In the end the deal went to Amazon, who spent $970 million making it happen. This figure alone is a testament to the popularity of gaming and live streaming.

Watch Here!
Watch ESL Pro League Online Here!

Betway announce they are live streaming all the ESL Pro League games through their website + get £30 in matched free bets to spend!


But what options do eSports gamblers have when it comes to live streaming and bets? Here we outline your best choices to make sure you can see the games you’re betting on rather than placing blind bets.

Online Bookmakers CSGO Online & Live Stream

Online gaming has become a huge spectator sport that millions of people enjoy taking part in. A direct result of this is that the demand for betting on the likes of CSGO and other big competitive games is a very viable business opportunity for online bookmakers.

The eSports betting industry is already large but continues to grow, as a result, more and more licensed bookmakers are involving themselves in it. With new bookmakers adding eSports to their rosters, eSports betting is only set to improve, but can it cater to the current demand?csgo-esl-pro-live-stream


Bet365 was one of the leading licensed bookmakers to provide their users with eSports betting and a platform to view it on. If you have signed up to Bet365’s service then it is possible to live stream major ELeague CSGO tournaments, allowing you to watch the likes of Renegades, Clud9, Team Liquid and Luminosity, all go head-to-head.

The likes of Bet365 and other bookmakers who stream CSGO, require their users to be logged into their account to use their Live Streaming service. It is possible to tell whether an event is going to be streamed, as it will have a TV icon next to it.

Bet365 live streams everyone of the ELeague matches and offers players betting options on all of the 24 teams as they compete for an impressive $1.4 million prize! But whilst providing the occasional live stream of ELeague tournaments, Bet365 doesn’t provide its users with regular CSGO live stream, so if you’re wanting to place bets before or during games, you may have to find an alternative streaming method.

Watch Here!
Watch ESL Pro League Online Here!

Betway announce they are live streaming all the ESL Pro League games through their website + get £30 in matched free bets to spend!


Betway was the first UK bookmaker to take a chance on the growing eSports market. In fact, they dedicated a whole team towards eSports betting in order for them to be ahead of the curve and bring in a big audience.

It was only in 2015 that Betway began to introduce eSports betting and with the launch of their own eSports portal, they made a declaration that they wanted to be the first stop for those interested in betting on the likes of CSGO. The bookmaker even provided sponsorship for the ESL UK Premiership. A smart move, as it was revealed that eSports betting’s turnover is regularly amongst their top ten sports on their website.

Betway are now an ideal destination if you’re looking for a place to live stream CSGO and place bets. They have even dabbled with in-play eSports betting, which is a feature many bookmakers don’t currently offer, making watching CSGO even more exciting.

Overall there aren’t too many bookmakers providing their audience with a complete CSGO live streaming service as of yet. Whilst the number of online gambling sites that offer eSports betting is increasing, very few of them offer regular or any live streaming options for CSGO tournaments. Whilst this is likely to change in time, it means if you’re wanting to watch the games as you place bets then you’ll have to set up another live stream, fortunately there are plenty of options for you!


Live Stream Services

If your bookmaker doesn’t provide a live stream of the CSGO game you want to bet on then turning to the likes of Twitch is your best bet.


Founded in 2011, Twitch has become the world’s leading social video platform and is an incredibly active community for gamers. Over 45 million gamers sign into the streaming service every month to view and broadcast, the site grants you access to a huge collection of tournaments, leagues and pro player streams.

CSGO is ranked amongst the top five most-watched games on Twitch and can even bring in over one million viewers. Twitch’s gaming streams regularly generate more traffic than HBO Go!

The growth of competitive eSports has led to Twitch giving it its own ecosystem, where users can watch shows, the top teams, leagues, player streams, talk shows and every one of the major events. This makes Twitch an ideal method of live streaming CSGO!
CSGO fans can also watch tournaments through similar services, including Hitbox and Azubu.


The popularity of eSports has even led to it being televised, and whilst you won’t be able to view every CSGO tournament, the ELeague has become the first multi-week eSports tournament to be broadcasted on television.